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Alicia Galer prints

Our latest prints from Alicia Galer are part of a ongoing study of Botanical architecture.

Alicia is a Printed Textile designer and illustrator based in Hackney. Much of her work involves drawing in an expressionist and abstract way, taking inspiration from spaces and travel. Each drawing is made up from a series of marks and textures, extracted from initial compositions, and refined.

Alicia’s latest collection focuses on the architecture associated with botanical gardens. Visiting these tranquil havens, Alicia   felt a sense of calm, so often missing from city life, and wanted to capture this in her work.  The botanical journey included visits to Glasgow and Edinburgh, the beautiful Barbican here in London and Copenhagen’s botanical gardens.

Alicia uses a variety of  materials to create her original work, often drawing in detail then extracting lines and areas of colour. The colours in this series are amalgamated tones of ground and surface, abstracted, refined and composed to create a beautiful collection of drawings.

The images featured here show five sketches from her preliminary studies and the concluding prints (x4).

Prints of Alicia’s works are available HERE