Japanese Teak Coaster £10.00

Room Scent Diffuser, Verbena £22.00

Room Scent Diffuser, Shades £22.00

Earl Of East London
Jardin De La Lune Candle £20.00

Earl Of East London
Shirin Yoku Soy Wax Candle £20.00

Large Velvet Woods and Amber Candle £30.00

Smoked Rose & Pine £20.00

Ferm Living
Ripple wine glass set, smoked Grey £39.00

Ferm Living
Ripple glasses, Smoked Grey £39.00

Ferm Living
Ripple Carafe, Smoked Grey £35.00

Ferm Living
Ripple Carafe set, Clear £35.00

Ferm Living, Tall Ripple glasses, Clear £49.00

Ferm Living, Ripple glasses, Clear £39.00

Hasami Porcelain Large Planter Grey £32.00

Hasami Ash Saucer £15.00

Hasami Porcelain Round Bowl £30.00

Hasami Porcelain High Bowl £25.00

Hasami Porcelain Natural Saucer £9.00

Hasami Porcelain Natural Milk Pourer £22.00

Hasami Porcelain small plate £15.00

Hasami Porcelain Grey Low Bowl £22.50

Hasami Porcelain Grey small plate £18.00

Ferm Living
Hale Yarn Dyed Linen Tea Towel £15.00

Livework Note Book, Blue Denim, A6 Grid £12.00