X Earrings, Gold £67.00

X Earrings, Silver £53.00

XS Gold & Taupe Glass Beaded Hoop Earrings £25.00

Thin line silver Stud earrings £24.00

Crescent Moon Studs Gold £32.00

Curved beaded stud Earrings, Gold £32.00

Small Meteorite Silver bars £32.00

Silver Hoops with Tube £52.00

Tiny triangle studs £24.00

Gold Earrings, Flat Cable Chain £75.00

Small Satin Silver hoop Earrings £52.00

Large Satin Gold hoop Earrings £90.00

Gold Hoops with Ball £47.00

Medium Satin Gold hoop Earrings £78.00

Gold Hoops with Tube £67.00

Small/Medium Satin Gold hoop Earrings £60.00

Large Satin Silver hoop Earrings £90.00

Medium Satin Silver hoop Earrings £78.00

Small Gold and White Beaded Hoops £30.00

Small Gold studs dappled gold £38.00

Disc Studs, Silver £28.00

Dot Studs, Gold £32.00

Mini Silver hoops earrings £34.00