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Friends of Triangle: Beth Davis

Five questions with Triangle staff member Beth Davis

1. What do you do when you’re not at Triangle?
By day I’m a freelance interiors and product stylist/photographer working for various brands and independent designers in London

2. Favourite design icons and why?
It’s hard to know where to begin! But as a person I’ve always had a soft spot for Paul Smith, I love his attitude to what he does and his sense of humour- his first shop manager was an Afghan Hound. We share an obsessive compulsive urge for stuff too, I’m never going to be a minimalist.. Otherwise I love so much of what came out of the the 1950’s and 60’s

3. What inspires you?
Nothing happens without at least two cups of tea in the morning, but after that inspiration comes from everywhere, really. Interesting shapes, colours and textures all get me pretty excited, but I love being outside, seeing exhibitions, markets, charity shops, books and magazines too.. It’s nice to keep an open mind and be surprised I think

4. Favourite bit about working for Triangle
I love being part of the local community- it’s been so nice getting to know the regulars, even in such a short space of time. And it’s always enjoyable to spend time around such beautiful things, albeit dangerous..

5. Least favourite and why
I’ve realised there’s no doughnut stall outside London Borough of Jam on a Friday when I man the ship!

Some examples of Beths work, for more please visit: